Let's make Central America shine by converting passive marine protected areas into ACTIVE protected areas!


Because the success and sustainability of marine protected areas in Central America must begin now!

How to create an ACTIVE area?

Dos Mares maintains that in Central America most of society does not recognize the value of protected areas. This lack of recognition is due to the inability to clearly perceive the services that these areas provide, especially in the context of socioeconomic challenges such as poverty, corruption and crime. Limited government budgets and private initiatives further hamper the development of strong professional ranger training and recognition of their authority, and infrastructure and visitor services within protected areas are weak and vulnerable to damage. natural and provoked. As a result, staff in these areas struggle financially and their field management programs for public use, conservation, research, surveillance and control are affected. For thie reasons we call them passive protected areas.

Passive protected areas must be transformed into ACTIVE protected areas to

create VALUE for society

MISSION: Support the coastal marine protected areas of Central America in the fulfillment of their management programs and the scope of their financial sustainability.

VISION: To be an organization recognized worldwide for its successful results in the operational consolidation and financial stability of the marine protected areas of Central America.

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