Let's make Central America shine by converting passive marine protected areas into ACTIVE protected areas!


Because the success and sustainability of marine protected areas in Central America must begin by creating value for society!

How to create VALUE for society?

Dos Mares argues that in Central America, most of society does not recognize the value of protected areas. This lack of recognition stems from an inability to clearly perceive the services these areas provide, especially in the context of socioeconomic challenges such as poverty, corruption, and crime. The limited budgets of authorities and private initiatives further hinder the development of infrastructure and visitor services within protected areas. As a result, these areas struggle financially and their management programs for public use, conservation, research, and protection suffer. For this reason, Dos Mares believes that protected areas gain value when neighboring inhabitants and the rest of society, experience increased recreational and educational opportunities, job prospects, and access to technologies and tools that can enhance their socioeconomic well-being. In other words, the true worth of protected areas becomes evident when they directly raise financial resources and benefit local communities.

Passive protected areas must be transformed into ACTIVE protected areas to

create VALUE for society

The VISION of Dos Mares to support the sustainability of coastal-marine protected areas in Central America by increasing the flow of visitors without exceeding the tourist carrying capacity, redirecting financial resources towards the protected area itself, and increasing the participation of surrounding communities in the benefits of the protected area.

The MISSION is to enhance and operationalize management programs, reorient financial and human resources, benefit surrounding communities, and ensure the transparency of financial resources.

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